Micro Piles, or also called the mini-pillar, is a type of piling Rotary drilling method, with diameters ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches, and in lengths It reaches 40 meters and can be carried out vertically or tilted. Although its diameters Small, but the armament can bear the axial loads acting on it. Micro Piles is characterized by its light weight and also its equipment allows the implementation of Business in confined spaces. Square has more than one drilling machine and special injection equipment to carry out these works.

Uses of Micro Piles:
– It enhances the ability of the earth to bear loads.
– Reduces the resulting slack from increased loads. Strengthen the ability of structures to withstand earthquake forces.
–   Strengthening the residential structures and redistributing the loads again
– Strengthening the foundations (separate bases) or (reinforced fabric). Suitable in all types of reinforcements due to the small size of the equipment for its implementation Transferring the existing loads to the strong soil layers that can withstand it without any subsidence in the structure.