Square has the necessary equipment to perform all the necessary tests for soil mechanics and foundations.

1 – Tests of loading piles of all kinds.

2- Anker tensile tests.

3- Needle screw tightening tests.

4- Soil blood tests.

Piles loading test
The pile load test is carried out after pouring, where the loading is carried out on a set of piles representing one rule with the required design load in order to verify:
1. The fall of the piles.
2. We check whether this drop is constant with respect to the base piles (this is called the safe landing) or is there a different value for each pile (the drop of the pile is greater than the other pile)
After that, the necks of the piles are broken and sculpted, and we notice that there is

groundwater that must be sucked out of the cloth first. After that, we start making the rest of the bases and using sulfate-resistant seawater cement.
After breaking the concrete of the pile necks, we make sure that the rebar is intertwined with the pile iron to increase the confirmation of the loading on the piles.
Strings are made of ordinary concrete to ensure that the weight of the armed bases is correct and that the upper surface of the bases are all in one level