Anchors A general form of metallic elements (skewers or strandediron) It is injected through the drilling segment and the iron is gradually tightened by lowering Reinforcing steel surrounded by plastic tubes for primary and final injection With tensile strength, hoses with suitable pressure can be used in injection work. The Anchors system gives a horizontal and vertical force for the movement resistance at the supporting structure Typically, anchors are used to support drilling, seal holes, or as part of a drilling rig Permanent retaining walls or to resist upward thrust forces affecting the foundations of the structure.

Square implements Anchors and uses them in several areas, including:
(Balance of inclinations and walls – reinforcement of bridges with screws)
The main applications of Anchors are:
Maintaining tendencies and stapling the soil.
– Supporting the retaining walls and the sides of the excavation.
– Install foundation slabs subjected to upward thrust.